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Winter Conferences - sign up today for your winter conferences. Enter this link for easy to follow directions to our new scheduling process which puts families first!

Don't have a home computer that's ok too. Megan can get you registered and scheduled within minutes. Call 920-448-2140 for assistance.

Welcome to Aldo Leopold Community School. Our program offers an educational experience designed to have a greater impact on student learning through engagement in social justice opportunities provided through a progressive education approach. Progressive education attends to the whole child. It supports learning through community in a collaborative environment. Progressive education fosters intrinsic motivation. It promotes deep understanding and active learning.

At Aldo Leopold Community School we believe that education must prepare learners to be critical thinkers and thoughtful citizens. An environment should be created in which children learn to be compassionate, to respect others, to value equity and justice, and to understand their place in the world.

The instructional plan is responsive to studentsí needs and interests and all children, including gifted and special needs students, receive instruction in regular classroom settings. Teaching methodology and classroom structure incorporate democratic practice, which help students learn and solve programs together through discussion. Learning together and from one another is an essential part of this philosophy. Students and staff regularly assume the roles of both teacher and learner in a non-competitive environment which fosters respect, acceptance, and care for one another.

Aldo Leopold Community School believes in raising children in the company of adults. A school full of community, family, and student volunteers makes this possible. Students designing and implementing service learning projects allow the community to benefit from the gifts they have to share. These projects become a path for the students to establish a connection with their city. Children learn from many different sources and make connections in a variety of ways. Developing caring relationships with adults other than their parents will help them know they are a vital part of this school community and the Green Bay community at large.

Sincerely, Aldo Leopold Program Staff

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