Newspaper and Copperdome Archives

The Shorewood Historical Society has completed the digitization of over 70% of the community’s historic newspapers. Years 1923-1980 are completed. The remainder, 1981-2004, should be completed this year. The newspaper had several names but was best known as the Shorewood Herald.

We have recently added the high school yearbook, the Copperdome, to our digital files. Yearbooks from 1924-2019 are included.

Access the digital collections by selecting either “Newspaper Archives” or "Copperdome Archives" from the menu above.
Remembering Sonja Ivanovich
On November 27, 2019, Sonja Ivanovich passed away. She will be remembered as an extraordinary Shorewood High School teacher and as President of the Shorewood Historical Society for eight years. Last year the Society began awarding a scholarship to a SHS senior interested in pursuing a career in history,political science, library science or a related field. Henceforth, the award will be titled the "Shorewood Historical Society Sonja Ivanovich Scholarship. The Society is committed to providing a $1500 scholarship each year. However, donations to the scholarship fund in honor of Sonja are welcome. Click HERE for more information on how to make a donation and to read more about Sonja.